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Senior researcher at Microsoft Quantum - Redmond




Authorship in physics venues (e.g. Physical review) are typically ordered by contribution. Authorship in computer science venues (e.g. STOC / FOCS) are typically ordered alphabetically.

  1. Well-conditioned multiproduct Hamiltonian simulation
  2. Hamiltonian simulation by Qubitization
  3. Downfolding of many-body Hamiltonians using active-space models: extension of the sub-system embedding sub-algebras approach to unitary coupled cluster formalisms
  4. Hamiltonian simulation with nearly optimal dependence on spectral norm
  5. Quantum singular value transformation and beyond: exponential improvements for quantum matrix arithmetics
  6. Q# and NWChem: Tools for scalable quantum chemistry on qantum computers
    • Guang Hao Low, Nicholas P. Bauman, Christopher E. Granade, Bo Peng, Nathan Wiebe, Eric J. Bylaska, Dave Wecker, Sriram Krishnamoorthy, Martin Roetteler, Karol Kowalski, Matthias Troyer, Nathan A. Baker
    • arXiv:1904.01131
  7. Black-box quantum state preparation without arithmetic
  8. Trading T-gates for dirty qubits in state preparation and unitary synthesis
  9. Quantum algorithm for simulating real time evolution of lattice Hamiltonians
  10. Hamiltonian simulation in the interaction picture
  11. Improved techniques for preparing eigenstates of fermionic Hamiltonians
  12. Heisenberg scaling of imaging resolution by coherent enhancement
  13. Hamiltonian simulation by uniform spectral amplification
  14. Hamiltonian simulation with optimal sample complexity
  15. Parallel position-controlled composite quantum logic gates with trapped ions
    • Michael S. Gutierrez, Guang Hao Low, Richard Rines, Helena Zhang
    • arXiv:1702.03568;
  16. Optimal Hamiltonian simulation by quantum signal processing
  17. Methodology of resonant equiangular composite quantum gates
  18. Iterative precision measurement of branching ratios applied to 5P states in 88Sr+
  19. Effects of electrode surface roughness on motional heating of trapped ions
  20. Robust calibration of a universal single-qubit gate set via robust phase estimation
  21. Quantum imaging by coherent enhancement
  22. Fixed-point quantum search with an optimal number of queries
  23. Quantum inference on Bayesian networks
  24. Optimal arbitrarily accurate composite pulse sequences
  25. Finite-geometry models of electric field noise from patch potentials in ion traps
  26. Laser-induced charging of microfabricated ion traps
  27. Effects of collisional decoherence on multipartite entanglement: How entanglement might not be relatively common


Quantum signal processing by single-qubit dynamics